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    This piece of Chinese writing is a beautiful piece with many Chinese like characters on it.  It is 7" x 4.75" x .25"  The first picture is wet.  Polishes beautifully.  This is from old stock.
    Chinese writing stone also known as chinese letter stone is a limestone matrix with andalusite crystals. It has a nice pattern that resembles chinese characters. It ranges from a very dark gray or almost black to creamy white, both with a slight greenish cast. It is also called Porphory. This stone is found at the Yangtze River Valley of the Hunan Province of China, and also Auburn, California region of the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

    Metaphysical healing lore says that Chinese Writing Stone is used for whole body healing. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the eyes, spine and legs and used to soothe the muscular structure of the hands. It is associated with the root chakra and issues involving feeling grounded and the third eye chakra due to its association with dreams and dreaming. 

    If you are buying more than one slab, text or call 954-295-0606, before placing your order.  We will combine your slabs in order to save you shipping cost.