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    This piece of Fluorite defies photography.  Its coloration and combinations of deep purple, yellow and clear Fluorite crystals do not show up as beautiful as they are.  The piece is 6.5" X 4" X 3.5" and weighs 2.5 Lbs... of course this includes the matrix it is on.

    To really appreciate this piece you need to see it in person.  The colors co-mingle together.  A real act of nature.  The largest cube is the deep purple, typical of Cave in Rock, but inside it has some yellow.  It doesn't light up real well due to the darkness of the purple.  It is fun to explore the top and bottom and see the clear crystals next to purple and yellow ones.

    If you want something unusual and beautiful, this piece should be yours.  This large, beautiful Calcite cluster will take your breath away.  It gives a feeling of peace with its natural beauty.  It would be a real interesting piece to add to any collection.