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  • Huge Agatized Coral SOLD

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    This fossil is from the Oligocene-Miocene period. Agatized Coral is between 38-25 million years old. They are found in ancient ocean beds, where silica-rich groundwater has percolated through the limestone around them. 

    The huge size of this piece and the finger-like stalactites are beautiful and almost eerie. When my husband puts a light on it, on one of his stands, it is illuminated like it was meant to be showcased. I have never seen such a perfect piece. It is like a cave has been opened and you can see botryoides on the walls. To think it has stayed so beautiful through all these years. This was found on the West coast of Florida.

    It is 10” x 8 ¼” x 6 ½”. It weighs 8 pounds 2 oz.  FREE SHIPPING IN USA.