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     This lovely Lemurian Cluster educated me.  I purchased this, my first piece of real Lemurian crystal from a dealer from Brazil.  I will pass this on to you, you probably already know about how to tell real Lemurian crystal, I didn't.  I was told to look for the lines up the crystal and many dealers mislead me by showing me quartz with lines.  Be careful...Quartz lines are completely different from Lemurian.  Lemurian line are very close together, and are so close they make the side they are on look dull, compared to the other sides of the crystal.  You can see them best on the second picture.

    This Lemurian crystal cluster, even has the lines on the smallest crystal.  There is one broken crystal seen in last picture, it even has the lines.  The shard pieces on the base has the lines,  along with a rainbow.  The piece is 10 oz x 2.75" x 3" x 3".  It is the best example of Lemurian crystals I have seen so far.